Creativity has been our underlying ethos, SaadPlast aim to offer extraordinary authorization and high-quality packages that work for your industry.

Pharmaceutical packaging

Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical packaging must be innovative, and so on meets high safety standards.
Whether it comes to liquid, semisolid, or solid medical products, SaadPlast experts give extremely attention on the quality of development and react detailly to customer requirements to comply with all of these high standards in every detail.
All Pharma products need to be protected and packaged in containers that confirm specific standards. Thus, we seek to carefully focus on:


  • Using premium quality raw materials.
  • Attention to safety.
  • Produce practical and functional packages.
  • Follow market trends.

The resulting packages must give a link between the quality of the pharmaceutical products and the quality of its packaging.

Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging greatly demanded the elegant shapes, but we always make sure to provide excellent quality packaging, which has its essential role to protect the product from air along with other contaminants.

SaadPlast consistently stayed focus in every detail considering:

  • classy shape and design balanced with quality and safety standards.
  • Creative solutions.
  • Market trends.

The two main types of raw materials used in cosmetic packaging are plastic and glass. However, SaadPlast is readily glad to help clients find out the most appropriate material for their products.

Main parts of our manufacturing technology:

  • Injection molding
  • blow molding

The most popular methods in manufacturing plastic products. Otherwise, molding can be applied on glass.



With our high-quality products, innovative production technologies, and great flexibility, we can cater to all types of customers, and any type of market. This is a selection of the Brands that have chosen to work with us.

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